Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Geetings!

I'd like to take a moment and wish all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year!

Stay safe ladies - if you plan on drinking then make sure you don't drive!

Best Regards, Ronin

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Self Defense For Christmas?

Another Christmas is coming up next week and many of us haven't finished their shopping yet. How about giving a gift that shows you really care? A diamond necklace or a bracelet won't keep your wife or daughter/s from becoming a victim or keep them out of harm's way. Expensive jewelry may be the kind of gift that draws a thief to a woman, looking for an easy "score."

We don't want that do we?!! How about buying a gift like Mace spray, a keychain kubotan, or a personal alarm? They can all be had for great prices and you can use them as stocking stuffers. Shopping time's passing quickly for this season. Give one or more of these items to your loved ones and help them to stay safe!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Self Defense Seminars

If you keep your eye peeled, you'll often see ads or articles in the newspaper and other local tabloids announcing self defense seminars that are being held to teach women the basics of self defense.

These usually are taught by martial arts instructors with very good skills and are streamlined to present the most basic and easy to use self defense techniques that will work 100% of the time. They are the easiest to learn and usually don't require years of formal training to apply to an attack scenario. I highly recommend attending one. Bring a girlfriend or two with you to make you feel relaxed, comfortable and have more enjoyable experience.

You'll usually be shown foolproof moves that will stop an attacker from further aggression. This includes everything from the proper mindset, to hand to hand techniques and the best self defense products such as OC pepper spray, kubotans or everyday items that are easily found nearby.

If you get a chance, please spend a night or more and attend a Women's self defense seminar. You'll have fun and feel much safer with your newly acquired skills!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Ditch Self Defense Pt. 2

In our previous post, I'd argued with a police officer who in my opinion puts his students at risk, teaching sophisticated self defense techniques, in this case a comb, rather than using a proven deterrent like Mace pepper gel or standard OC Pepper Spray, which can be applied at a distance - giving you the time you need to get away.

I placed a picture on the top of this post to show you a very comfortable distance to stop an attacker - not allowing yourself to come into grappling range to mount your self defense.

I recommend that you check out these links to our Crime Information blog which has two very popular posts on the most frequently asked questions about pepper spray.

Read part 1 - the first five questions and answers and then part 2, which has the last 5 pepper spray FAQ's.

You'll gain some insights into the kinds of questions we field and the answers that we're most likely to give. Stay safe now and see you soon!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Ditch Self Defense

You're at your front door or at your car and a man is rushing toward you quickly with the look of bad intentions. What are you going to do? Are you a seasoned fighter and ready to go hand to hand with this guy if he attacks? Probably not.

I recommend deterrents that will wreak havoc on an attacker with a minimal amount of training and are affordable and easy to use. My most recommended deterrent is Mace pepper gel or pepper foam. This sticks to the attacker only. The gel product has an 18 foot range and releases no ambient particles of OC pepper into the environment. This means it can be used inside a vehicle, a room or apartment and the only one who gets Maced is the assailant.

My question is why would you ever want to unload a canister of fogger delivery OC pepper spray in your own home and have to breath that stuff in right?

I argued politely with a police officer who doesn't care for defense sprays. Many do and are required to carry it and use rather than escalating the use of force. He teaches techniques based on martial arts that in my opinion, have almost 38 years of karate training, are difficult to learn and practice easily and put you at risk.

I will include a video below the last line of this post and you can judge for yourself, just how easy it would be to use his technique as compared to blasting the bad guy with pepper spray or CS tear gas.

I would teach that what you'll see is not only a last ditch method, like a kubotan or a stun gun. And, only if applied properly, buys you a second. But, at this point you've allowed your attacker within grappling range. These are dangerous waters to be in. See you soon!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mace Pepper Gel - The Best!

I got a question today and though I've covered it, I'd still like to reiterate that Mace Pepper Gel is the stuff you want when the SHTF.

The person had researched several "so-so" pepper sprays but hadn't come close to anything really effective so I had to steer him to the best defense spray deterrent on the market - Mace Pepper Gel.

You can click the link above to read a previous post and watch the video below - the cops endorse it and explain it very well. For a few dollars more, you're worth it. See you soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don't Hesitate - Fight Back

In any fight or self defense scenario, even some of the toughest attackers will expose targets of opportunity. We've discussed in the past, that to survive such confrontations, we must be self defense minded or have our head on a swivel - looking for those moments and chances to launch decisive counter attacks.

For example, an attacker who may be leading up to assaulting you might avert his gaze for a moment at a loud sound or to quickly glance at the surroundings. In these moments we find our targets of opportunity. It only takes a split second - a slight break in the attacker's attention for you to make good with your counter-attack with a kubotan, pepper spray, or driving knee to the groin.

This type of action requires that we NOT lose our cool and time slows down. Seconds become like minutes - it's all about controlling our fear through building a confident mindset and the spirit to prevail and not to be taken advantage of.

Self defense seminars can help you with this, as well as a few months of martial arts training. Familiarity and confidence in the use of a self defense product can also help immensely. In an increasingly violent world, women must consider and weigh their self defense options. Enjoy the video ladies!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 New Rechargeable Stun Guns With Flashlights

Safety Enforcement has added 3 new models of rechargeable stun guns with a flashlight. They include a high power stun gun, a bright LED flashlight which is great for checking out dark areas before you enter, integrated chargers for keeping your equipment in peak operating condition and low prices.

We highly recommend the use of defense products like Mace, Pepper Spray and Stun Guns to help level the playing field for women who live, work in, or pass through risky areas. We also advocate their use for anyone who would attempt to rob, rape, or in anyway molest you physically.

Women are generally weaker and most frequently targeted for violent crimes. Turn the tables on attackers with one of these new stun guns! See you soon.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Women's Self Defense - Having a Plan

Last week my wife was not feeling well and decided to sleep in the living room. She left the door to the back yard open and had an overhead fan running. Before retiring to our bedroom, I asked her what she would do if some drug addled rapist or a burglar came crashing through the door. Her reply was to get a handgun or at the least one of my tactical folding knives and defend herself.

This might have sounded like a good idea to her at the moment, since I'm an avid gun and knife collector, so I do have those items nearby. The problem was my more direct question; "well exactly what will you do?" She had no good idea. She only knew that there was a handgun "over there someplace" and there was a folding knife as well as some pepper spray, in the drawer of the end table.

She's no trained knife expert and even though I'd walked her through the steps of locating the handgun and bringing it to bear on an attacker many times, she really had no inkling of it's exact location, let alone bailing off the sofa, scrambling across the room, locating the gun and pointing it, with any chance of beating someone that crashed through an aluminum screen door.

Just as we all can perform certain tasks like rubbing our eye to remove a dust particle or scratching our arm in the right place without the slightest thought, I told her that this type of reaction, like locating and using a weapon was much the same. It had to become a natural action through many hundreds or even thousands of "dry runs" until it was as normal as taking a step while walking.

We parted with the advice - repeated several times - that she would run screaming to our bedroom where I would be there, waiting and prepared for any eventuality. Don't think you have a plan. Be sure you have a solid plan for self defense and practice your plan until it becomes a natural response!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Self Defense - Personal Alarms

Women's self defense products are usually thought of as pepper sprays, stun guns and pocket sticks. I'd strongly advise another layer of self defense - personal alarms.

Personal alarms create a loud alert and most include strobing lights. Attackers don't want to be seen or noticed. It only makes sense that when a woman who may be in imminent danger triggers a 130 decibel alarm with strobe lights, the assailant is going to lose interest quickly and move on to a victim that isn't going to make so much noise or put up a struggle.

Most personal alarms a between $10 - $15 and operate by a switch or a pull chain which causes the alarm to stay on until the owner replaces the pin back into the unit.

Personal alarms have long been a mainstay in personal defense products - buy one. See you soon!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Self Defense - Taking Away Weapons

It's been awhile since I was able to post de to a leg injury that has kept me off my PC. Things are getting better but I still have to keep this one short.

We have an old saying in martial arts. If an opponent grabs you he has lost one or two weapons and you are at an advantage, If you hurt an attacker's arm or leg, you have taken away some of their weapons - the limbs needed to inflict damage on you.

We advocate the use of Mace pepper spray to take away an assailant's vision and disrupt their breathing. This gives you a distinct tactical advantage.

If you've ever worried about the wind blowing pepper spray back at you or the proximity of the attacker being such that particles will be release into the air and cause you be Maced as well, then worry not. Mace Pepper Gel is the best defense spray you can carry!

It shoots a high pressure gel with pinpoint accuracy up to 18 feet away and sticks to the attacker like bubble gum. They can't get it off and the pain will blind them or cause enough pain to allow you to get out of harm's way.

Mace pepper gel allows no ambient particles to escape into the air and is safe to use anywhere without risk of becoming affected or contaminated in any way. Get some ladies you'll be safer with it. See you again real soon!

See the effects of Mace on Police officers who train using it:

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July - Independence Day Sale

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July holiday! Our friends are having an Independence Day sale. Pepper Spray and Mace defense spray are 10% off. Just type "4th if July" in the comments box during checkout and we'll adjust the charges!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Women's Self Defense From The Ground

Many encounters with an assailant will end up with you being thrown or knocked to the ground. This can still be a position from which you can defend yourself.

Let's say an attacker has initiated an assault or robbery attempt. You have your pocket size canister of Mace in hand and you've sprayed him in the face. Although being temporarily blinded and in pain, he can still catch hold of you while flailing about and throw you down to the ground.

The best advice would be to get up and run if possible, but if he seems bent on crowding you and following up on his attack, there are several kicks that can be launched from the ground that should finish the job.

I've chosen a video for you that will illustrate some of them. For most ladies that exercise, these kicks should be easy to learn, since they are modification of leg lift exercise that you already do. See you soon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Stun Guns - Defense For Women

There are many stun guns available on the market that are compact, light and powerful. A woman can easily slip her hand into a purse or pocket and slip the safety switch to the "off" position if an attack or unwanted touch becomes imminent.

Stun guns can be very powerful and produce the results you need to get unwanted hands from reaching into you car or actually dropping an opponent to their knees without lethal or permanent damage.

Stun guns are high in voltage but low in amperage which is what makes them safe for use. Enjoy the video and see you soon!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Pepper Spray Self For Self Defense

OC Pepper Spray can be your best bet for survival in an attack scenario. It's inexpensive, legal and simple to use. A few well placed sprays can totally debilitate your assailant and give you the time you need to get away or to defend yourself.

Police and armed forces personnel are subjected to this substance in training so that they'' know, first hand, what it feels like to be sprayed with pepper spray. There are models available with just OC pepper inside and others may be mixed with CN tear gas and a UV marking dye which helps the police identify the perpetrator.

I can't recommend pepper spray enough. It will stop a man in his tracks and can also be used against dangerous or aggressive animals too. Enjoy the video - a picture's worth a thousand words. We'll be back with you soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Self Defense Products

Not all among us have the time, dedication and perseverance to become experts in martial arts. We all have the time to become experts with self defense products though. There are some pretty fine deterrents available and they don't cost any more than lunch at a fast food place.

Imagine that you're being assaulted or are on the verge of being assaulted and you have no black belts or a firearm. How will you get away? How will you avoid being robbed, raped or worse? Very simple really, a canister of pepper spray will give you a real punch to deliver into your attacker's face and can save you from becoming a statistic. A severe burning sensation, blinded eyes, disorientation and nausea will stop even the most determined assailant.

There are also formulations by Mace that really pack a wallop. Police Mace in the "Triple Action" spray combines OC pepper, tear gas and a UV marking dye to assist the Police in identifying the attacker. We urge you to build up your self defense product arsenal and you can't start with a better choice than pepper spray!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Self Defense for Women - Groin Kicks

Raking shots with the shoe or foot into an attacker's, ankle, shin, instep and toes can be very effective. If you're still on your feet, kicks or stomps to these target areas are simple to use, plus there's little chance of injury to yourself when striking the opponent. In most grabbing/grappling situations, these areas will be found to be vulnerable to attack if you take advantage of the opportunity. Even the most skilled professional fighters sustain several of these strikes before they either begin giving them back or attempting to block these painful attacks.

The groin kick is another "primary" target area. This means that like a knock-out punch to the jaw, a properly delivered groin kick can stop the best fighter dead in his tracks. If your assailant is another woman, a solid groin shot against another female is comparable to a groin strike against a man, so I'm told.

The triangular shape of an open stance opponent, begs for the groin kick. If thrown with the slightest bit of arc to the technique, the leg will reach the target even if your aim is a bit off. A rising groin kick will strike anywhere from the inside of the knee, upwards and the opponent's posture will allow it to slide up to the groin.

As always if permissible, which it is almost anywhere in the USA, we recommend that you carry a proven self defense spray like Mace pepper spray and tear gas. The use of a defense spray when an attack becomes imminent, will afford you the opportunity to run away, or if you must, stay and fight using stomps, groin kicks, knees, elbows and palm strikes while the attacker is at a disadvantage. See you soon!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Use of the Kubotan - Yawara - Pocket Stick

Finally, I'd like to show you a video I displaying a very wide range of kubotan self defense techniques that can be used with the aid of this simple palm sized stick.

There are very sophisticated drills used by a few martial arts systems displayed, another subject altogether, modified for the use of the kubotan or yawara stick. See how the tip is constantly shifted to travel in the line of a strong strike.

In some cases the attacker's back is toward the camera, but be assured that the defender's arm across his body is holding or trapping with the tip of the kubotan being used, to dig into the body parts being touched.

Using your imagination one can drill imaginary defense scenarios that employ the use of a simple kubotan, yawara, pocket stick or small cylindrical object. Watch this video a few times and try to duplicate some of the strikes and striking patterns. See you soon!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kubotan - Self Defense Stick

Self defense for women should be as simple as possible. Martial arts training isn't realistic for most women. For those women who are trained martial artists, we respect you and your ability to pass this material on further than we can perhaps.

Today let's look at the kubotan, yawara or pocket stick. All these are synonymous for the same thing; an implement that is used in the hand to concentrate energy into a focused spot or pressure point. This causes acute pain that can give you the edge in getting away or in mounting an effective counter-attack.

Unlike a pepper spray that can temporarily blind an attacker and cause pain by use of OC pepper or tear gas. The pocket stick is for hand to hand encounters or in situations when you either don't have a defense spray, or can't employ it due to wind or other conditions.

We encourage the use of non-lethal self defense deterrents in conjunction with other methods of self defense or strictly on their own merit, they all have their place.

Building on our last post let's see a few more pocket stick techniques. See you soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Self Defense For Women - Foot Stomp

I hope you ladies had a chance to have a good look at the chart that was presented in the previous post. It details many vital areas that you can strike with your hands, elbows, feet and knees. Even more pain or injury can be inflicted with the use of a striking device such as the Kubotan.

The Kubotan concentrates your power and channels it to a small impact surface which greatly multiplies the force applied to the attacker's vital area. Martial arts practitioners have used the Kubotan or Yawara for centuries. Modern versions are very lightweight, discreet to carry and give you a lot of bang for your buck!

Today we'll look at another simple, yet effective way to disable an attacker without even chipping your beautiful manicures. Enjoy it - it's a great technique for your self defense toolbox. See you soon!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Women's Self Defense - Vital Striking Areas

We've been looking at some basic strikes, such as groin kicks, palm strikes, elbows and more.

The question arises: where are the best places to strike an attacker. Well there are lots of charts to direct you, but it's much easier to have a real live expert Instructor explain them to you.

If you get an opportunity to take a self defense seminar, take a friend and a notebook, you'll get loads of information to take home with you.

Enjoy this video. It's not "comprehensive" but it's a start. See you soon!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simple Tools For Self Defense

The best way to defend yourself is not to be in a situation where you might be attacked. We have been discussing some defense maneuvers to counter punches and slaps to the head area. We'll be getting back to that next post.

It takes a certain amount of skill or practice to block a strike and effectively apply self defense measures. Let's back track a bit shall we?

A woman can defend herself very well if she is aware of her surroundings and is equipped to retaliate quickly.

I would suggest that every woman has a good quality and very bright flashlight. This illuminates "would be" attackers and also makes tasks performed in the dark, much easier. Being discovered quickly can confuse and dissuade predators from attacking.

Beside her flashlight, a woman should have some sort of self defense deterrent. I recommend that a canister of Mace be carried as well. This gives you a bit of distance ladies, so you can inflict a dose of pain, yet don't have to make contact or wrestle around with an attacker.

We'll be back soon with more good self defense instruction. See you soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Self Defense For Women - Punch Or Slap

In our last post we looked at self defense against a haymaker or a roundhouse punch. This is a commonly used power shot, used to really knock a person's block off.

Today let's look at a simple self defense "counter" against a straight punch or slap. Again ladies, take note that you don't need to make a fist, which can hurt very badly if your hands aren't conditioned properly, to take out the attacker.

This video displays powerful strikes using the palm of the hand as well as knees, which can be launched to the groin, bladder area or stomach. These techniques can be practiced alone or with a partner.

If you don't carry a gun or a self defense deterrent such as Mace pepper spray or tear gas models, then you may want to try these out. See you soon!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Women's Self Defense - Defending A Punch

Yesterday, we were discussing defenses against sucker punches or "haymakers." Ladies be aware that you don't need to break a fingernail to strike your assailant.

I have included a video below that most closely describes the best method to use. As a seasoned veteran, I use an even more sophisticated variation of this "stop hit" method, called mirroring or shadowing. This to move as your opponent moves and not directly into the line of fire.

You have to be very good to do shadowing or mirroring techniques, so I didn't include any video that shows it off.

For now, you can see that simply catching the striking arm with a circular block, sets up palm strikes, knee and elbows.

Try these with a friend if possible and do the movement slowly - no need to walk into a big punch until you've trained for awhile okay?

Stay safe and we'll see you soon!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Women's Self Defense - Assessment

Women who are keen on having the ability to defend themselves, will want to make as they say in Alcoholics Anonymous, a fearless and searching inventory of their physical fitness, abilities, as well as some intangibles such as; to what limit they will go in defending themselves, how hard and how long they would devote themselves, to training in pursuit of self defense skills.

Some women I have in mind may be 18 to 25 years old and should be in top condition and able to practice punches and kicks, running (away) or wielding a telescopic steel baton for instance. This however isn't always the case. Many women are getting fit and strong well into their 40's. So each woman must be brutally honest and make an assessment of their physical fitness levels, as well as their desire to take a self defense seminar, purchasing some sort of bag or other device, made for practicing punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes.

For women who feel strongly about taking a proactive role in defending themselves and are in average to above average state of fitness, I'd recommend a few crash courses in women's self defense. These can be found in many local martial arts clubs, in the newspaper or seen on flyers, posted in public places such as supermarkets and stores. Take more than one and you may find that you learn much more from one instructor versus another. This is not to say that one is better than another, but just as each of us are individual human beings, so are martial arts clubs, seminars and so forth. You will find that you learn much better from one endeavor than from another. So check out what's going on in your area and take a friend to pal up with and learn a few things that may help in keeping you safe.

Then there are many women, who by the level of their fitness, age, mobility and mentality, can't get out and take this type of training. This group can have the same desire to defend themselves as the former but for one reason or another can't. For you ladies, I'd suggest learning to use a handgun properly or purchasing a self defense aid such as a stun gun or pepper spray. These items can keep you from being victimized as well.

For those who have a desire to be able to effectively defend themselves, you're already very aware of crime against women, prepared to learn self defense and motivated. This is excellent. From this point, do your self inventory, note your abilities and limitations and make a choice of which direction your path will be to a more secure life.

Physical training along with a bit of leverage such as a stun gun or pepper spray is great, but a 75 year old Granny with sharp eye and a good six-shooter is deadly. See you soon and stay safe!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Self Defense Tools For Women

Nothing gets someone's attention like a good smack alongside the head. Just kidding there, but I wanted to let you know that Safety Enforcement, an online store that specializes in self defense products, has recently upgraded their telescopic steel batons from a softer, foam gripped model to one that's got a nice rubber grip on it.

The carry case is much nicer too. I'd recommend that you check them out. They come in 16", 21" and 26" models. Better news is, the price is still the same.

You want to be careful of your target areas when striking someone with a telescopic steel baton. Stay away from the head in most cases, short of being accosted by a person who's armed with a deadly weapon. A good shot to the arm, legs or back will speak volumes. See you soon!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Women's Self Defense - Bedroom Attack

I've found a video to share with you produced by Michael Pace. He's passed my test of "close scrutiny" and I've found him to be very knowledgeable in the intricacies of self defense scenarios and is a top notch instructor. He knows his stuff. If you read the previous post below this one, you can see in the video that he has a real grasp on behavior, proper response and how your behavior directly affects the escalation of a conflict.

I first saw this next video of his about a year ago and it's of great value to women, who may find themselves beneath an unwanted body some day. The first portion is the actual encounter and it happens very quickly, but then he breaks it down, detailing the sequence of events in a very simple to understand method. It gets my rubber stamp of approval. This will work ladies - learn it - you may need this information to save your life one day.

Another way to avoid being surprised in bed is to have a security alarm for rooms, doors and windows. An alarm will wake you up, then a handgun or canister of Mace pepper gel, will stop an attacker and allow you to make your escape. Too many women take their safety for granted - don't be one of them. See you soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Women's Self Defense - Strategies

Women must be assertive, not necessarily aggressive unless warranted, in fending off a possible assault when handling real life situations in the street.

There's a time and place for everything in the realm of women's self defense. By thinking through or practicing your response to aggressive individuals, you'll put yourself at risk less often and avoid being attacked.

There are situations for raw, primal aggression and there are times when a more measured response will keep you from harm. Please remember that you can be a perfectly charming lady but in times of crisis situations, you may find that a less refined approach is what is needed.

I've added a video below that discusses various responses to the same situation and what the possible outcomes could be. Just because you're a member of the fairer sex, that doesn't mean that you have to put up with jerks. Sometimes being too nice can get you hurt.

See you soon with more ideas on viable responses to aggression. Stay safe!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Women's Self Defense - Handguns

I have rarely met a woman who doesn't enjoy firing a handgun. That however, is quite different from how many women I know who would actually obtain a Conceal Carry permit and use a handgun for self defense purposes.

Almost every woman I've encountered would rather use more benign measures such as self defense products like stun guns, pepper spray or personal alarms.

I researched this story that a friend sent me but it doesn't appear in the periodical on the day it supposedly took place. Some women work very hard to support themselves and will not put up with a thief robbing them of their hard earned pay.

Apparently, a Houston Texas woman was charged for shooting a man in the back 6 times. At her arraignment she was asked by the Judge to explain. She told the Judge that she was waiting at the bus stop for about 15 minutes after waitressing at a nearby cafe, when she spotted a shady character sizing her up.

She explained that her purse was over her left shoulder and her right hand was inside and gripping her revolver that she kept hidden inside. Within seconds, she was spun around from her left side 180 degrees, which left her staring at the shady character running away from her with her purse in hand.

She looked down at her right hand and saw that it was still gripping the revolver and screamed to the perpetrator "you're not stealing my paycheck and tips" and fired all 6 rounds into his back.

When asked how she knew she fired 6 rounds she replied "I knew because when I pulled the trigger the 7th time, the gun just went click."

This plucky woman was acquitted of all charges and was back on her job at the cafe the next day.

I couldn't confirm this story, which supposedly took place March 5th 2009, but I do think that this sort of thing happens daily across our Country to women that are targeted as easy marks by every sort of low-life crook. I have always believed that men and women should be properly trained in the use of a firearm, then apply for and be issued Conceal Carry Weapon "CCW" permits.

If this was the case, crime rates would plummet and 1000's of unlucky men and women would survive criminal attacks. See you soon - enjoy the video!