Monday, April 26, 2010

Kubotan - Self Defense Stick

Self defense for women should be as simple as possible. Martial arts training isn't realistic for most women. For those women who are trained martial artists, we respect you and your ability to pass this material on further than we can perhaps.

Today let's look at the kubotan, yawara or pocket stick. All these are synonymous for the same thing; an implement that is used in the hand to concentrate energy into a focused spot or pressure point. This causes acute pain that can give you the edge in getting away or in mounting an effective counter-attack.

Unlike a pepper spray that can temporarily blind an attacker and cause pain by use of OC pepper or tear gas. The pocket stick is for hand to hand encounters or in situations when you either don't have a defense spray, or can't employ it due to wind or other conditions.

We encourage the use of non-lethal self defense deterrents in conjunction with other methods of self defense or strictly on their own merit, they all have their place.

Building on our last post let's see a few more pocket stick techniques. See you soon!

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