Thursday, April 29, 2010

Use of the Kubotan - Yawara - Pocket Stick

Finally, I'd like to show you a video I displaying a very wide range of kubotan self defense techniques that can be used with the aid of this simple palm sized stick.

There are very sophisticated drills used by a few martial arts systems displayed, another subject altogether, modified for the use of the kubotan or yawara stick. See how the tip is constantly shifted to travel in the line of a strong strike.

In some cases the attacker's back is toward the camera, but be assured that the defender's arm across his body is holding or trapping with the tip of the kubotan being used, to dig into the body parts being touched.

Using your imagination one can drill imaginary defense scenarios that employ the use of a simple kubotan, yawara, pocket stick or small cylindrical object. Watch this video a few times and try to duplicate some of the strikes and striking patterns. See you soon!

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