Monday, May 31, 2010

Pepper Spray Self For Self Defense

OC Pepper Spray can be your best bet for survival in an attack scenario. It's inexpensive, legal and simple to use. A few well placed sprays can totally debilitate your assailant and give you the time you need to get away or to defend yourself.

Police and armed forces personnel are subjected to this substance in training so that they'' know, first hand, what it feels like to be sprayed with pepper spray. There are models available with just OC pepper inside and others may be mixed with CN tear gas and a UV marking dye which helps the police identify the perpetrator.

I can't recommend pepper spray enough. It will stop a man in his tracks and can also be used against dangerous or aggressive animals too. Enjoy the video - a picture's worth a thousand words. We'll be back with you soon!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Self Defense Products

Not all among us have the time, dedication and perseverance to become experts in martial arts. We all have the time to become experts with self defense products though. There are some pretty fine deterrents available and they don't cost any more than lunch at a fast food place.

Imagine that you're being assaulted or are on the verge of being assaulted and you have no black belts or a firearm. How will you get away? How will you avoid being robbed, raped or worse? Very simple really, a canister of pepper spray will give you a real punch to deliver into your attacker's face and can save you from becoming a statistic. A severe burning sensation, blinded eyes, disorientation and nausea will stop even the most determined assailant.

There are also formulations by Mace that really pack a wallop. Police Mace in the "Triple Action" spray combines OC pepper, tear gas and a UV marking dye to assist the Police in identifying the attacker. We urge you to build up your self defense product arsenal and you can't start with a better choice than pepper spray!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Self Defense for Women - Groin Kicks

Raking shots with the shoe or foot into an attacker's, ankle, shin, instep and toes can be very effective. If you're still on your feet, kicks or stomps to these target areas are simple to use, plus there's little chance of injury to yourself when striking the opponent. In most grabbing/grappling situations, these areas will be found to be vulnerable to attack if you take advantage of the opportunity. Even the most skilled professional fighters sustain several of these strikes before they either begin giving them back or attempting to block these painful attacks.

The groin kick is another "primary" target area. This means that like a knock-out punch to the jaw, a properly delivered groin kick can stop the best fighter dead in his tracks. If your assailant is another woman, a solid groin shot against another female is comparable to a groin strike against a man, so I'm told.

The triangular shape of an open stance opponent, begs for the groin kick. If thrown with the slightest bit of arc to the technique, the leg will reach the target even if your aim is a bit off. A rising groin kick will strike anywhere from the inside of the knee, upwards and the opponent's posture will allow it to slide up to the groin.

As always if permissible, which it is almost anywhere in the USA, we recommend that you carry a proven self defense spray like Mace pepper spray and tear gas. The use of a defense spray when an attack becomes imminent, will afford you the opportunity to run away, or if you must, stay and fight using stomps, groin kicks, knees, elbows and palm strikes while the attacker is at a disadvantage. See you soon!