Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bold Rapist Makes Getaway

It doesn't matter where you reside. In the suburbs or the inner city, rape is an ongoing problem that is in the news every night.

Women can take measures to help insure their safety. One is to keep doors and windows locked. Another is to have these points of entry guarded by window alarms and room alarms. They are very affordable and are quite loud enough to wake you up if your home or apartment is entered.

Once the alarms are tripped, make sure to arm yourself with an effective self defense deterrent such as a gun, a telescopic steel baton or a good defense spray that won't contaminate your room, such as Mace pepper gel.

Call the 911 Emergency Hotline immediately and stay on the line giving the operator all of the information that's requested. If you see a stranger in you neighborhood that's acting suspiciously and seems to pose a possible threat. Call the Police immediately seeking advice and assistance. Stay Safe!