Friday, February 5, 2010

Self Defense Tools For Women

Nothing gets someone's attention like a good smack alongside the head. Just kidding there, but I wanted to let you know that Safety Enforcement, an online store that specializes in self defense products, has recently upgraded their telescopic steel batons from a softer, foam gripped model to one that's got a nice rubber grip on it.

The carry case is much nicer too. I'd recommend that you check them out. They come in 16", 21" and 26" models. Better news is, the price is still the same.

You want to be careful of your target areas when striking someone with a telescopic steel baton. Stay away from the head in most cases, short of being accosted by a person who's armed with a deadly weapon. A good shot to the arm, legs or back will speak volumes. See you soon!

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