Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Women's Self Defense - Handguns

I have rarely met a woman who doesn't enjoy firing a handgun. That however, is quite different from how many women I know who would actually obtain a Conceal Carry permit and use a handgun for self defense purposes.

Almost every woman I've encountered would rather use more benign measures such as self defense products like stun guns, pepper spray or personal alarms.

I researched this story that a friend sent me but it doesn't appear in the periodical on the day it supposedly took place. Some women work very hard to support themselves and will not put up with a thief robbing them of their hard earned pay.

Apparently, a Houston Texas woman was charged for shooting a man in the back 6 times. At her arraignment she was asked by the Judge to explain. She told the Judge that she was waiting at the bus stop for about 15 minutes after waitressing at a nearby cafe, when she spotted a shady character sizing her up.

She explained that her purse was over her left shoulder and her right hand was inside and gripping her revolver that she kept hidden inside. Within seconds, she was spun around from her left side 180 degrees, which left her staring at the shady character running away from her with her purse in hand.

She looked down at her right hand and saw that it was still gripping the revolver and screamed to the perpetrator "you're not stealing my paycheck and tips" and fired all 6 rounds into his back.

When asked how she knew she fired 6 rounds she replied "I knew because when I pulled the trigger the 7th time, the gun just went click."

This plucky woman was acquitted of all charges and was back on her job at the cafe the next day.

I couldn't confirm this story, which supposedly took place March 5th 2009, but I do think that this sort of thing happens daily across our Country to women that are targeted as easy marks by every sort of low-life crook. I have always believed that men and women should be properly trained in the use of a firearm, then apply for and be issued Conceal Carry Weapon "CCW" permits.

If this was the case, crime rates would plummet and 1000's of unlucky men and women would survive criminal attacks. See you soon - enjoy the video!

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