Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last Ditch Self Defense

You're at your front door or at your car and a man is rushing toward you quickly with the look of bad intentions. What are you going to do? Are you a seasoned fighter and ready to go hand to hand with this guy if he attacks? Probably not.

I recommend deterrents that will wreak havoc on an attacker with a minimal amount of training and are affordable and easy to use. My most recommended deterrent is Mace pepper gel or pepper foam. This sticks to the attacker only. The gel product has an 18 foot range and releases no ambient particles of OC pepper into the environment. This means it can be used inside a vehicle, a room or apartment and the only one who gets Maced is the assailant.

My question is why would you ever want to unload a canister of fogger delivery OC pepper spray in your own home and have to breath that stuff in right?

I argued politely with a police officer who doesn't care for defense sprays. Many do and are required to carry it and use rather than escalating the use of force. He teaches techniques based on martial arts that in my opinion, have almost 38 years of karate training, are difficult to learn and practice easily and put you at risk.

I will include a video below the last line of this post and you can judge for yourself, just how easy it would be to use his technique as compared to blasting the bad guy with pepper spray or CS tear gas.

I would teach that what you'll see is not only a last ditch method, like a kubotan or a stun gun. And, only if applied properly, buys you a second. But, at this point you've allowed your attacker within grappling range. These are dangerous waters to be in. See you soon!

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