Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simple Tools For Self Defense

The best way to defend yourself is not to be in a situation where you might be attacked. We have been discussing some defense maneuvers to counter punches and slaps to the head area. We'll be getting back to that next post.

It takes a certain amount of skill or practice to block a strike and effectively apply self defense measures. Let's back track a bit shall we?

A woman can defend herself very well if she is aware of her surroundings and is equipped to retaliate quickly.

I would suggest that every woman has a good quality and very bright flashlight. This illuminates "would be" attackers and also makes tasks performed in the dark, much easier. Being discovered quickly can confuse and dissuade predators from attacking.

Beside her flashlight, a woman should have some sort of self defense deterrent. I recommend that a canister of Mace be carried as well. This gives you a bit of distance ladies, so you can inflict a dose of pain, yet don't have to make contact or wrestle around with an attacker.

We'll be back soon with more good self defense instruction. See you soon!

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