Sunday, August 2, 2009

Self Defense Basics

I remember some early lessons that I still teach today.

These are generalizations that "usually" hold true:

The easiest way to avoid being struck is to remove the target.

If you are attacked, that opponent has committed to a course of action.

The course of action that an opponent has chosen can be exploited.

If your opponent touches or grabs you - they have one less weapon in play than you do.

When an opponent touches or grabs you - they have opened a target area that you can easily strike.

Alright? Those are a few that we'll discuss in future posts. More will follow.

Each generalized concept can be applied to hundreds of self defense scenarios.

We'll discuss or link to many self defense applications for the concepts that I've listed above.

Stick with me ladies, I'm going somewhere with this information. I'll post back soon!

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