Monday, August 31, 2009

Fighting Back To Survive

Hopefully, any ladies who have stumbled upon this blog, have taken a few minutes to read a few posts and maybe watched a video or two.

In our last post "Self Defense For Women - Striking Back" we discussed that "when an opponent touches or grabs you - they have opened a target area that you can easily strike."

We were also treated to a video by Dr. Melissa Soalt, aka Dr. Ruthless, who encourages women to tap into their primal instincts to survive. I encourage you all to click on her name, visit her website and get to know her.

Attackers can easily have the tables turned against them if you are prepared to tap into your survival instinct and stop thinking "I can't do that." Of course you can!

How many times have we read or heard stories of women lifting an automobile to free a husband or child? Think about it. You have the power within you to accomplish amazing feats.

A woman knows the intention of her assailant right? Ordinarily, the attacker will not know YOUR intentions. For too long, it's been said to comply or just go along with an attacker and let them have their way. This is wrong. This thinking gets women beaten, raped and worse.

You can and will be able to withstand an attack and survive if you prepare yourself!

See you soon....

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