Saturday, August 8, 2009

Self Defense Tips - Defending the Center Line

Here we are again with another video that illustrates how to protect yourself from strikes to the body.

These attacks (kicks, punches, pokes, grabs) are usually directed toward the "center line" of your body.

You can watch with your audio on or off, but focus on the movements that remove or turn the centerline away.

Disregard all counterstrikes or mention of them. Just concentrate on the ease of stepping out of the way or preferably, "turning the body" to move your centerline out of the way of incoming strikes.

I'd like to mention that the movements displayed are "more than necessary" to defend your centerline. It only take a few inches of movement in the directions illustrated to avoid being struck, or at least dissipate the energy of an incoming blow to your body's center line.

Please keep that in mind - the video below, is geared toward advanced martial arts students but is applicable to women who are interested in learning self defense.

Please enjoy it, think about it and watch it again. Maybe even stand up and try to imitate some of the movements?

Thanks for stopping in. I'll be back soon!

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