Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Self Defense for Women - Striking Back

Dwelling on the concepts that "usually" hold true, we've looked at them all except for one which is really a summing up of the four easy concepts that we mentioned in our post - Self Defense Basics. There are many other truisms but we'll look at this one today and remember - all of them are covered in the videos we've shared.

"When an opponent touches or grabs you - they have opened a target area that you can easily strike."

We usually teach beginners that every limb is a weapon. We start off with 4 - "right and left hand," plus "right and left foot." Within weeks, we expand to 8 - including both knees and both elbows. This is really quite easy ladies. You don't need to have hardened knuckles to strike an opponent to the head. A sharp strike with the "heel" of your palm will cause adequate damage to make a fight of things, or escape and get away.

You feet will mostly be shod with shoes of some type, so no worries there either. Elbows and knees are both devastating weapons when brought into play and need no conditioning to render an attacker harmless. In self defense training for women, anything goes and anything is a weapon.

Yes, traditional - hardcore martial artists condition their bodies and all of the striking surfaces they employ. This isn't necessary for you and should only be considered if you would decide to pursue that avenue of self defense discipline in the future.

Let's take another look at a video which illustrates what I've just mentioned. Remember all of the previous posts and videos are useful in learning these simple concepts!

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