Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Approaching Self Defense Training

Here's some more "day one" stuff for you to consider.

You want to learn to defend yourself right?

Okay - try to be yourself. You're not in competition with anyone so learn at your own pace.

Have enthusiasm for self defense training it may save your life some day.

Be open-minded or an empty vessel as it's said - soak up everything you can and find out what works for you and what doesn't.

It's easier to teach a student, or for a student to learn, if they aren't filled with poor information or preconceptions that must be broken down before any real learning can begin.

Try and identify your strengths and hone them down solidly with practice.

Try and identify your weaknesses and improve on them with practice.

Never be overly aggressive but be thoughtful, deliberate and confident.

Losing your head will lead to trouble in a fight or even a verbal confrontation so be calm and use your head. Your brain is your most powerful tool, so use it first before employing any form of self defense.

Remember self defense training addresses many aspects of life, not just fighting but maybe preserving your reputation, or taking action on something that is physically or mentally healthy.

We defend our body from disease with antibiotics, vitamins, rest, good hygiene, clean living.

We defend our minds by not being given over to rude behavior, unhealthy attitudes, harmful gossip, as well as, various sorts of close minded, biased expressions of ourselves.

Soon, we'll encounter victories in physical and mental forms of self defense due to our superior attitude and superior training.

More to come.....

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