Sunday, July 26, 2009

Self Defense for Women

Let's go over a bit more of our last post's "day one stuff" okay?

This post should have come before yesterday's but you can sort it out right?

One thing I didn't mention to you is that you want to make a serious assessment of how you'll respond to a situation when someone has attacked you or is showing aggression.

When trying to help teach self defense for women we must ask - will you:

Fight back against aggression?

Comply with an attacker?

Check out the situation first?

Make a decision based on the situation?

If you chose any of the last 3 answers, then you have no control over the situation and will have to trust to luck, good fortune, your "people skills," or whatever, to decide your fate.

That's really what's going on - speaking quite frankly. You must resist (fight) in some form or fashion to survive. It's a very brutal world outside your doors and be it verbal, mental or physical aggression, you must decide to resist. This is key to your self defense as a whole!

Say your associate at work comes up and for some reason cracks on you, calls you a bi**ch, for reasons known only to him/herself. Fighting back doesn't have to come in the form of a punch in the mouth okay? There are certainly many sharp come-backs to an insult like that ladies. How about - "do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"

You ARE special, you ARE unique and yes, you ARE a beautiful person. There's no reason to suffer indignities that others will try to heap on you everyday. Sometimes, so subtly, that you don't realize it until long after an incident happens.

Self defense is not always about punching or kicking - it's a mindset!

This mindset slowly becomes ingrained into behavior and after some time, it becomes 2nd nature. You don't have to be mean, cruel or nasty to practice self defense. You can defend yourself in daily matters, such as described above with dignity. Your self esteem will soar.

Don't be fearful of hurting feelings

Don't be fearful of harming someone

Don't be fearful of anything

Remember that to live without fear is freedom!

I'll catch you all soon and we'll get started on the simple stuff again.

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