Friday, October 2, 2009

Women's Self Defense Against Hair Grabs

Most women, (but not all), have plenty of hair to grab in a confrontation. I'd suspect that at some time in a woman's life she's been grabbed by the hair or grabbed another's hair.

Hopefully, this has been in play as a child. All too often, women are seen in TV news clips or on the web, at sites like YouTube, fighting and being thrown around because their assailant has grabbed a fistful of that lovely head of hair.

Wife beaters and other male attackers will also use the hair grab to control their victim and it's quite effective! I am old enough to have worn long hairstyles (yup I'm a dinosaur) and I learned the most effective hair grab defense over 30 years ago. It ALWAYS works, with one caveat.

You must have you senses about you. That is to say, you must be keenly self aware and ready to move instantly. If you can manage that attitude about your self defense, you'll never be grabbed by the hair and tossed around again.

There are other things one can do when grabbed by the hair, but this is the most natural and effective defense against a hair grab that I've ever learned, practiced and taught.

Follow the link above and read the material carefully. I promise it'll be worth your time. See you soon!

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