Saturday, October 17, 2009

Self Defense Alternatives

Before we move on to more grabs I'd like to show you a benign, yet very potent self defense solution for women.

Grabs, as we've been discussing, are what women experience as a precursor to an attack, beating, rape or a mugging among other crimes.

If you want to get unwanted hands off of you in less than a second, I guarantee that this will work for you. It's easy to learn, very inexpensive for the service it provides.

What am I talking about? The Hot Shot 975K volt stun gun. These are tiny, palm sized little dynamos that deliver a heck of a punch. Just a touch will send someone's arm flying off of you.

Held to the body, it will cause large muscle groups to convulse and a few seconds in the abdomen will make anyone feel really bad, or to go down. They are non-lethal.

My neighbor shot a few seconds of video on his digital camera. It's his 90 year old Dad hitting one of the kids with a split second burst. You'll see that it does indeed work and that the volunteer doesn't want anymore either.

The volunteer is a 26 year old Army Sergeant, home on leave for Christmas during his 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. I mention this so you know that he's in shape and can take some abuse.

You can use the link provided above or on the right side to pick up one of these self defense products. They have an on/off safety switch with a red LED light, to let you know it's armed and a large ignition switch on top of the perfectly ergonomic unit. See you soon!

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