Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Self Defense By Deception

For anyone who has read this blog or my other blog, linked on the side navigation bar, you'll know that besides being a life-long martial arts practitioner, I believe that in a violent confrontation, you must always try and gain an edge when possible.

I believe that women should own and know how to use a hand gun, that they should be familiar with basic martial arts techniques. I also believe that a woman should be acquainted with, own and know how to use self defense products like Mace pepper spray, stun guns and kubotans - a.k.a. pocket sticks.

Taking it a step further, as in hand to hand combat, the element of surprise can give you a very distinct tactical advantage. In comes my favorite deterrent, pepper spray. Nothing like giving an attacker a face-full of pepper spray to allow you precious seconds to escape or mount a counter attack. My favorite hidden pepper spray is lipstick pepper spray. It looks innocent enough but contains 20 - 1/2 second bursts, and sprays up to 10 feet!

Then there's hidden stun technology like the Stun Master 1.2 million volt rechargeable pen stun gun with a high intensity LED flashlight which is a whopping amount of power in a small unit and also includes a built in flashlight, integrated charger and a free nylon holster!

It's just getting harder for the bad guys to catch a break anymore ladies. Your own primal self defense instincts along with a few solid kicks and strikes, coupled with a hidden self defense tool, just may be the combination of elements you'll need to keep yourself safe and unmolested. There's only a winner or a loser in a self defense encounter - do what it takes to insure that you're the winner!

Cheers, I'll be back with you again soon!

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