Thursday, December 3, 2009

Self Defense For Women - Alternative Weapons

When I began my karate training over 36 years ago, my Sensei always mentioned that everything around us was a weapon. He would expound upon the virtues of an ashtray or a shot-glass to the attackers head. An umbrella used in a stabbing manner or a cane used to strike an opponent - just about anywhere.

In self defense courses for women, there is usually some mention of the use of keys. Keys can be used between ones fingers to rake or stab at an assailant's face or eyes. Most often, the use of Kubotans are demonstrated as keychain weapons. You can use the lightweight kubotan by itself with a tight grip, to concentrate a tremendous amount of force in a strike, to soft areas of the body. They're usually available with pointed or flattened tips at the striking end.

With your keys on a kubotan you hold this nifty little weapon and swing them into an attacker's face, producing a high velocity rake that may offer you the opportunity to run away, or mount a counter attack if you feel you have no other option.

Everyday objects are all around us and they can indeed be used as weapons. All it takes is a little bit of creativity and the determination to survive to make them work. See you soon!

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