Monday, September 7, 2009

Simple Self Defense Solutions

Well, we've discussed some simple self defense "day one stuff" which are concepts which usually hold true in most cases and there are more to come.

We've looked at some nice videos that illustrate body movements such as having a prepared mindset, turning the centerline, ducking, dropping and exploding into an attacker.

I would be remiss and less than honest with you, if I didn't point out that I have two websites, listed on the right side navigation bar where one can buy self defense products.

Since this blog is all about "Self Defense for Women" and "simple self defense solutions" let me add that there are many ways to gain an edge in a self defense scenario besides hand to hand combat. There are some superb self defense tools that can be purchased for just a few bucks online, that will afford you a real advantage in a combat situation.

I like: "small and potent" in a self defense item. For those women who are very serious minded, you just can't beat a small handgun with a Conceal Carry permit for self defense. They are certainly the best you can do for yourself and with the proper training and will stop 99.9% of attacks cold!

For those who can't or won't use this type of self defense measure, there are many non-lethal items, such as pepper spray which is my favorite recommendation.

I watch a lot of those Animal Attack television shows and there's one thing, short of a gun, that always works in stopping Grizzly Bears, Mountain Lions, Wolves, African Lions and even crazed Chimpanzees from killing people. And what is it we ask? You guessed it - Pepper Spray!

We'll discuss a self defense product from time to time, but for ease of use, non-lethal properties and price, one can't do better than a canister of pepper spray.

See ya soon!

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