Friday, November 20, 2009

Alternative Self Defense For Women

I've studied several traditional martial arts for my entire life and there's always something you can find to gain an edge. I have handguns, knives, rattan and steel batons, long & short swords, pepper spray and a stun gun.

I can relate to women who feel vulnerable to attack. As I age, I find that certain skills that I possessed are diminishing. I can't out-muscle a young strong athlete like I did 25 years ago, I must get an "edge" and divert his attention or catch him in an unprepared moment and then deliver a telling blow.

I purchased a 975K volt Stun Master Hot Shot stun gun a couple of years ago for my father who is now 90 years old. Of course my sons and I had to give each other a few poke with it first..ha-ha! I must say that it delivers instant pain to an arm, causing it to release and fly back. After a couple of 1 second bursts on the arm, even my wildest son, who's down with anything, wouldn't take a third hit to the arm. I took 2 on the arm and one quick burst to the abdomen.

Let's say that was all I ever wanted in regard to testing that little monster. The body shock made all of my abdominal and chest muscles contract violently and I recall thinking that "this must be what a heart attack feels like."

We gave Grandpa his Hot Shot stun gun for Christmas and my youngest son - a great sport - took a few more pokes and then called it quits. These things really work.

I purchased one for my car's glovebox. I can think of no better way to remove an arm that's reaching in to grab me than to give the attacker a burst from the Hot Shot.

My batteries have lasted for over a year and it's still crackling like the day I ordered it. They are replaceable at stores like Wal-Mart or Radio Shack. They're easy to find, just take the old ones in and they'll find one that matches. (we got Grandpa some new ones a couple of months back - just to be sure)

The Hot Shot has a lifetime warranty (that's very cool) and is an awesome close quarters self defense tool. They're the size of a pack of cigarettes, have a safety switch with a red LED light to let you know it's armed, and the activation button sits right on top of the palm sized, ergonomic design.

Get one for your glovebox, pocket or purse. You'll be glad you did. See you soon!

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