Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Women's Self Defense From The Ground

Many encounters with an assailant will end up with you being thrown or knocked to the ground. This can still be a position from which you can defend yourself.

Let's say an attacker has initiated an assault or robbery attempt. You have your pocket size canister of Mace in hand and you've sprayed him in the face. Although being temporarily blinded and in pain, he can still catch hold of you while flailing about and throw you down to the ground.

The best advice would be to get up and run if possible, but if he seems bent on crowding you and following up on his attack, there are several kicks that can be launched from the ground that should finish the job.

I've chosen a video for you that will illustrate some of them. For most ladies that exercise, these kicks should be easy to learn, since they are modification of leg lift exercise that you already do. See you soon!

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