Thursday, May 13, 2010

Self Defense Products

Not all among us have the time, dedication and perseverance to become experts in martial arts. We all have the time to become experts with self defense products though. There are some pretty fine deterrents available and they don't cost any more than lunch at a fast food place.

Imagine that you're being assaulted or are on the verge of being assaulted and you have no black belts or a firearm. How will you get away? How will you avoid being robbed, raped or worse? Very simple really, a canister of pepper spray will give you a real punch to deliver into your attacker's face and can save you from becoming a statistic. A severe burning sensation, blinded eyes, disorientation and nausea will stop even the most determined assailant.

There are also formulations by Mace that really pack a wallop. Police Mace in the "Triple Action" spray combines OC pepper, tear gas and a UV marking dye to assist the Police in identifying the attacker. We urge you to build up your self defense product arsenal and you can't start with a better choice than pepper spray!

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